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Soap Nuts


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  • 1kg of shells with a reusable cotton washsachet.

  • A 100% natural alternative to chemical detergents brought straight from Nepal.

  • They are very economical – 1kg is enough for approximately 140 washing machine cycles at 60°C. The lower the temperature the longer they will last.

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Weight 1kg
Country of Origin Nepal
Formulation shell nuts
Treatment All-Purpose Cleaner, Washing,

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  • 1 kg of shells with a reusable cotton wash sachet

  • A 100% natural alternative to chemical detergents brought straight from Nepal.

  • They are very economical – 1kg is enough for approximately 140 washing machine cycles at 60°C. The lower the temperature the longer they will last.

  • Our soap nuts have a very high saponin content and foam well. The stickiness of the shells results from the aforementioned and is perfectly natural.


Washing machine laundry:

What fabrics can you wash with them?

  • colors and laundry that is washed between 30 - 90 °C

  • cottons

  • wool and silk

Soap nuts are suitable for all wash temperatures. Essentially ideal for laundry that is moderately dirty, does not fade colors. If there are tough spots or stains you may add a table spoon of baking soda or baking powder which will act as a stain remover (for white clothes only). For a natural fragrance in your laundry, you might wish to add an essential oil - such as lavender oil - to your washing machine (during the rinse cycle). If you are doing two loads at low temperatures (30-60C), one after the other, you can use the same bag of soapnuts two or even three times. Just squeeze the bag and if the wide suds are still being emitted, you can use the nuts again.


  • Fill the enclosed wash sashet or a sock with 4-6 soapnut shells - tie securely.

  • Place the sashet with your laundry inside the washing machine drum.

  • Put your laundry through the usual cycle, with or without prewash.

  • After the wash cycle is complete, remove the sashet.

  • Empty the sashet and dry it with your laundry. The next time you are doing laundry, use the same shells again.

  • Re-use 3 to 5 times depending on the wash temperature. Soap nuts are no longer effective when you wet them and rub and they produce no foam.

  • In contrast to the laundry detergents you find in stores, which contain a considerable number of chemicals including solvents, fragrances, preservatives and brighteners, the soap nuts are kind on the environment and especially kind on the skin.

  • A fabric softener is generally not necessary and your laundry is odorless.

  • The used soapnuts can ultimately be disposed of with the rest of your organic waste or composted.

Cold Water Wash/ Hand Wash:

Since saponin can only be extracted from the nuts when the water is heated, a decoction or liquid is necessary for a cold wash. Boil 3 to 4 handfuls of shells in one liter of water for 4 minutes. Remove the shells and allow to cool. One spoonful is enough for a load. The solution can also be used in your soap dispenser for up to 10 days.

Clean your gold and silver jewelry:

Soak 2-3 soapnut shells in a bowl with around 100-150 ml of hot water for about 45 minutes. Rub the softened shells a little in the palms of your hands, which will create a light foam. Use the pieces of shell to clean the jewelry. If needed, you can also use a toothbrush (soften the bristles in water beforehand).


Put a few shells in the cutlery basket . Not only will your dishes be clean, you will also be eating from a plate that has not been washed in chemicals.

Washing hair and body:

  • Take care to protect/cover your eyes as saponin, in rare cases, may cause irritation to them. If the solution gets to your eye, wash/rinse repeatedly with cold water and contact your GP if itchiness or other symptoms persist.

  • Simply boil 10-12 shells in 500ml of water for approx 4 minutes and cool the solution down. Store it in a cool and dark place and use within 10 days.

Soapnuts shampoo makes hair look shiny and full of vitality. Use soapnuts liquid to shampoo hair and as a body wash. Leave in for about 5 minutes. Rinse as usual with warm water. The hair will be smooth and have a good sheen and is easy to comb. The shampoo is recommended for people suffering from allergies of those with sensitive scalps. Soapnut is an excellent hair tonic. It can prevent and cure such skin diseases as dandruff and sores effectively.