Raw Acacia Honey 2017 Harvest

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2017 Harvest - a proud produce of non-sugar fed bees of Warmia and Masuria. Wellnesstore.uk Raw Acacia Honey is unheated, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed, unblended and in the same condition as it was found in the hive.

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Raw Acacia Honey is harvested in areas abundant in the yellow locust flower, and the colour could be pure white

or a very pale yellow, depending on the exact locust species and pollen composition.

One thing to note about raw acacia honey however, and arguably one of the reasons that it remains so popular

with the masses, is that it can take a very prolonged time to crystallise – often as long as two years.

Despite this high content of fructose, Raw Acacia honey has a distinctive, delicately sweet flavour with a hint

of zesty freshness on the finish. Domination of fructose over glucose, places raw acacia honey low on the GI index,

and makes it worth trying for diabetics or anybody looking to lower their sugar intake.

This delightful honey is also absorbed quickly into the body without placing a great deal of pressure on the pancreas,

so it will not result in a rapid and sudden release of sugar that leads to an artificial burst of energy followed by a headache

and 'sugar crash' several hours after consumption. It's hugely popular as a sweetening agent for drinks, but bear in mind

that no honey should be mixed with a hot drink such as tea or coffee if you are hoping to reap the associated health benefits.

This is important to note, as raw acacia honey is loaded with goodness.


- A natural antiseptic - these antiseptic qualities can be enjoyed by consuming the honey or applying it directly to the skin, which will soothe irritations caused by eczema or rashes, and it can even heal wounds and burns, and rectify issues around the mouth.

- Helps remove toxins, improves blood flow - Raw Acacia honey is loaded with antioxidants, it also performs a long list of tasks that benefit the internal organs - most notably the liver. also improve blood flow and keep a steady heart rate - and remember, this is all without overworking the pancreas, which means your body will not need to create significant amounts of insulin to compensate.

- Improves sleep, keeps you calm - your brain will thank you for tucking into raw acacia honey on a regular basis – you'll find that it keeps you calm but alert thanks to a slow release of energy, and it will even help insomniacs to doze off for an elusive night of quality sleep.