Phacelia Honey 1.25kg 2017 Harvest


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Proudly harvested using hive and bee respectful traditional methods in the fields and forests of Warmia - The Green Lungs of Poland - one of the ecologically purest areas in Europe!

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Weight 1.25kg
Country of Origin Poland
Formulation Low Fat/ Fat Free

More info Raw Phacelia Honey - 1.25kg is unheated, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed unblended and in the same condition as it was in the hive.

Main characteristics of Phacelia Honey:

Color: from light beige, yellow to white, translucent glassy;

Aroma: mild and delicate with a fine, pleasant flavor;

Taste: soft, lemony scent and taste;

Crystallization: slowly, into fine crystals making the honey finely creamy, because its fructose contain is higher than that of glucose.

Like any other honey, it has the following effects:

– anti-inflammatory,
– antimicrobial,
– anti-allergic,
– expectorant,
– sedative,
– antispasmodic,
– aids the immune system and eliminates toxins